Technical Requirement

General Technology


  • A PC running a Microsoft Windows Operating System (XP, Vista, or Windows 7; or Mac OS X with the operating system’s minimum requirements for processor, memory, and hard drive (See the Microsoft or Apple website for minimum requirements)
  • At least 30.0 GB of free hard-drive space (additional space may be needed for multimedia files)
  • 1024 x 768 monitor with a 16-bit or greater video card (24-bit preferred)
  • Sound card with speakers and microphone (for selected courses)


  • A Microsoft Windows® Operating System (XP, Vista, or Windows 7 or Mac OS X
  • An office suite package;   among those that are acceptable are Microsoft Office, OpenOffice(free download for Windows), NeoOffice (free download for Mac) or IBM Lotus Symphony(free download for either Mac or Windows)   , 
  • A current antivirus and antispyware application that is updated regularly
  • Current Firefox or Chrome Browser or Safari(Mac only) browsers 
  • Adobe® Reader®  (free download)
  • Adobe® Flash Player  (free download)
  • Current Java Engine (free download) 

Students who choose to use applications other than those listed do so  knowing that faculty will be using the software listed above. It is the  student’s responsibility to create and distribute correspondence and  shared files in a format that can be read by faculty and fellow  classmates.

Some courses may require additional software; in cases where the technology is the focus of the class, like a programming class, Bacone will provide the appropriate software at no cost to the student.  Technology changes rapidly – as a result, these requirements are  subject to change. 

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