Your Learning Concierge 

The primary point of reference for online students at Bacone College is the Learning Concierge.   This unique approach pairs each online student with a concierge who is your point of contact for any issue.   This person will become your touchstone to Bacone College. Your Learning Concierge will advise your on course selection, provide help in getting access to services that you need,  answer any questions that arise and be your personal connection to Bacone College.  The Learning Concierge will be ready to help you even before you apply for admission, they will help you get enrolled in your first class and they will be there to congratulate you when you've achieved your goal of a college degree. 

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Books and Learning Materials 

Your classes will probably require access to books or other learning materials.   Your professor will list these in the course syllabus.   Bacone's college bookstore is available to provide all the learning materials that you will need shipped right to you.   

Disability Resources 

It is important to us that nothing hold you back. Contact your Learning Concierge, We work with all students who have documented disabilities to create an online environment that is accessible, inclusive and supportive.


Online Tutoring 

Online tutoring is available.   Your Learning Concierge is your point of contact.   They will provide information and help connect you to online tutoring. 


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