Why Bacone????

Rethinking Higher Ed…again...

When Professor Almon C. Bacone founded Bacone College in 1880 as a mission to American Indians, he was rethinking education.  Bacone College is an independent institution related to the American Baptist Churches, USA.  It maintains its commitment to serving American Indians within a culturally diverse community. The college, through its baccalaureate and associate degree programs, challenges students to develop intellectual and social skills, spiritual values and healthy lifestyles by providing quality education in a nurturing Christian environment. 

We continue this tradition with iBacone, fulfilling our mission by providing a quality higher education experience to American Indians in a culturally diverse environment experience wherever and whenever. iBacone extends that mission to students who prefer the advantages of online education, where location does not matter and schedule is more flexible.  

Your course of study won't be easy.   It will be just as rigorous and just as valuable as those on campus.  But, you wouldn't want it any other way.  The online degree you earn from Bacone is no different from one earned in a traditional classroom.   And...your diploma will be the same as one earned in the traditional manner.   


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