Quality of Courses

If you are expecting your Bacone courses to be nothing  more than some kind of electronic correspondence course, you are in for a surprise.   

Bacone's online courses combine readings, video, connecting though discussion boards or audio and/or video chats.   During your classes, you will develop personal relationships with your professors and with your fellow students.   You will have the opportunity to interact one on one directly with your instructor in a way that is difficult or impossible in the traditional classroom.  

Bacone uses the internationally recognized Quality Matters program to assure that the online courses that you take are rigorous, understandable and useful.   Quality Matters is a nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components.and Bacone College is proud to be a part of this movement.   But what does it mean to you?   It means that your courses have been reviewed and meet the highest standards for quality in online education.   Why would you want it any other way? 

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