Learning Concierge

One of the unique characteristics of the Online Bacone experience is the Learning Concierge.   In a fine hotel, you can go to the concierge desk and ask for help.   If you need a taxi, directions, a restaurant recommendation or tickets to a game or show, the concierge has the information that you need or has a way to get that information.   The Concierge knows the best cab drivers and can provide the directions that you need.   They have a working knowledge of all the best restaurants and have the contacts to get tickets to the game or show.  

Your Learning Concierge provides a similar kind of service.   The person knows the college, inside and out.   We've all experienced that telephone maze when we get transferred from department to department trying to find the answer to a seemingly simple question.   At Bacone, we intend to eliminate that kind of frustrating experience.   If you have a question about anything related to your online experience at Bacone, just call your Learning Conciierge.   This person knows the institution and, if they do not have the answer, they know where to get it.   And, as you move through your program, your Learning Concierge moves with you.   This person will help you gain admission, help with course selection, provide advice and support and, when that day comes, be among the first to congratulate you on your graduation.  


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